Valérian, aka Valé Stencil, is a French street artist born in 1990. Now based in Mexico City after a decade of travel, Valé has developed an aesthetic that combines figurative stencil compositions with pop-graffiti styling, both as murals and canvas artworks. With a strong compassion and belief in human spirit, his works can be seen as a mirror to our common humanity.

Combining various techniques, his work is primarily constructed with numerous layers of hand-cut stencils, painted with a mix of brushes, aerosol cans and markers. Within this practice he combines chaotic shapes on multicolored backgrounds and subtle shading stencils to achieve a sense of photorealism.


Valérian’s work contrasts recognizable pop-iconography with local culture imagery in his works, in order to portray the multifaceted identity of each culture he encounters during his travels around the world. This juxtaposition pays tribute to urban art by contrasting the grey of the streets with the intense colors that represent the vibrancy of life.

Valérian colaborates with galleries, social projects, festivals and brands. His artwork can be found in France, Spain, Italy, México, Argentina, Chile and Colombia and in private collections from New-York to Hong-Kong. To name some places, he exhibited in the Franz Mayer Museum, in Carré d'Artistes, Tinta Naranja or AguaFuerte in México; with Le Lavomatik and UndArtGround in France or Galeria Union in Buenos Aires.

He has been covered by StreetArt NYC, Konbini, Cultura Colectiva, Estilo DF and commissioned for projects including Jaguar Land Rover, Montana, Comex and Santander.


Coming Soon > Exhibition at Sonia Monti Gallery in Paris, France

July 2019 - Nice, France
Collective Exhibition at La Quincaillerie d'art

June 2019 – Los Cabos, Mexique

Exhibition at Ida Victoria Gallery

May 2019 – San Miguel de Allende, México
Exhibition in Carré d'Artistes San Miguel

March 2019 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Collective exhibition in Galeria Union (Graffitimundo)

February 2019 – Valparaiso, Chile
Collective exhibition Wall to Wall in Galeria Bahia Utopica

December 2018 – México City
Collective exhibition in Cultural Art Center Minero

November 2018 – Barcelona, Spain
Collective exhibition “Tzompantli” in Galeria Haimney

October 2018 – Avenida Reforma, México City
Exposicion Mexicraneos de Locos Por El Arte (intervencion de un craneo gigante)

October 2018 – Puglia, Italia
Collective exhibition " Tzompantli” in Contemporary Art Gallery “Torreone Angioino”


September 2018 – Polanco, México City
Time Axios exhibition in Land Rover/Jaguar Masaryk

September 2018 – Polanco, México City
Carré d’Artistes México first anniversary, specials artworks and new pieces exhibition

August 2018 – Polanco, México City
Open Studio and inauguration of my exhibition with Carré d’Artistes México

August 2018 – Paris, France
Collective exhibition in Le Lavomatik Street-Art Gallery

Julio 2018 – Polanco, México City
Exposicion JaguArte en Antara Mall

April 2018 – Museum Franz Mayer, México City
Collective exhibition Sala Ethos

January 2017 to present – Toulon, France
Permanent collective exhibition in Galerie Lisa

November 2016 to present – Bogota, Colombia
Permanent collective exhibition in DIBS Gallery (by Culture Shock Colombia) in the neighborhood of La Candelaria

August 2016 to August 2017 - Marseille, France
Permanent collective exhibition in UndArtGround Concept Store Marseille

April 2016 to present – México City (CC Santa Fe & CC Perisur)
Permanent collective exhibition in Pop Atelier, Concept Store & Fine Art     


January 2015 to present - Colonia Condesa, Ciudad de México    
Permanent collective exhibition in Tinta Naranja, Urban Gallery & Fine Art


November & December 2017 – Guanajuato, Querétaro, México City and Oaxaca
Collective exhibition “3r encuentro Estencil México”

October & November 2017 – San Angel, Ciudad de México
“Muerte y Tradiciones” solo show in colaboration with the "Alianza Francesa de México"

May 2017 – México City
El Ahuehuete Gallery – Collective exhibition “Umbrales Del Tiempo”

March 2017 – México City
“Noches de Autor” #4 (Meteora y BREA)


July 2016 - Marseille, France
Collective exhibition in en Galerie Loka


July 2016 - Roma, México City.
Exhibition « Migración, el éxodo a través de México" in AguaFuerte Galeria               


18 June 2016 - Roma Sur, México City
Collective exhibition in Huracan Galeria 


Marzo 2016 - México City                         
Exhibition « Retratos, pasion por el rostro » in AguaFuerte Galeria                                  



Events & Projects

February 2018 – Bacalar, México
Street-Art Festival Bakalarte with “Una Luz Para Mi Pais”


October & November 2017 – Culiacan, México
Street-Art Festival CIUDAD MURAL Culiacan with the Colectivo Tomate and Comex

July 2017 – San Cristobal de Las Casas, México
Painting intervention for the Festival "CompArte por la Humanidad" (Share for Humanity)

May and June 2017 – Zacatecas, México
Street-Art Festival CIUDAD MURAL Zacatecas with the Colectivo Tomate and Comex

19 May 2017 – San Angel, México City
Proyecto ARTizapan, wall-painting for a school of the neighborhood


April & May 2017 – Saltillo, México
Street-Art Festival CIUDAD MURAL Saltillo with the Colectivo Tomate and Comex


December 2015 to present – México City
Development of the photographic and artistic project named Black Is Color


January 2016 - Colonia Doctores, México City
Wall-painting for the project « Street-Art MUJAM » in the “Museo del Juguete Antiguo México”


October 2015 - Colonia Lagunilla, México City
Wall-painting for the 1st anniversary of the Collective "Arte Urbano México"


May to July 2015 – South America
Wall-paintings in the streets, hostels and restaurants during a backpacking trip in South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia)


February 2015 - Queretaro, México
Exhibition and live painting performance during the Lake Fest Queretaro, art and music festival

© 2019 by Valérian

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